How To Find Your Size

We know how it feels to get excited about a new order just to find out it’s a struggle getting the right size!

For necklaces and bracelets, we know everyone has different preferences on how snug things should fit, and where they should sit on your body which is why we offer custom sizing for bracelets and adjustable eyelets for necklaces. Pricing is sometimes adjusted according to sizing as we believe in paying for what you get – especially for tennis bracelets and similar items – as shorter pieces will naturally come with fewer materials/precious stones.

Size Guide for Rings

Rings are a little trickier! It can be hard to know what fits without trying things on, which is why we’ve teamed up with Ring Sizer to help you pick the perfect size – no more second-guessing. You can take your existing rings and place it on the app to see the exact size it translates to.

Ring Sizer app for Apple

Ring Sizer app for Android

Alternatively, please reference our Size Guide below.

Tips for getting your size right

  • Your finger size can vary depending on which hand you’re measuring, so make sure to measure the correct hand you want to use your jewelry on
  • Temperature changes do affect your finger size! Be mindful if you’re too hot or cold when measuring
  • Open rings are easier to take on/off – so if you’re between sizes, you might want to size down slightly to make sure it fits comfortably

Head over to our instagram page @valais.jewels for videos on how best to measure your ring size and other tips!