Our vision is twofold; to promote the mindset of long-lasting and sustainable jewelry and expand the association of fine jewelry beyond just special occasions.

VALAIS was born of the idea that lasting, precious jewelry should be more accessible, to enable sustainable buying of pieces that last a lifetime. After noticing the limited options for beautiful day-to-day pieces made in the most durable materials – precious stones & solid gold – without the luxury markup, we decided to make our own. We believe that when you invest in jewelry, your pieces deserve to be worn worry-free and should last you a lifetime; buying to wear forever is a sustainable mindset that embodies our values at VALAIS. As such, we aim to bring to you unique and timeless designs, made exclusively of solid 18k gold and real diamonds whilst minimizing the typical luxury retail markup.

VALAIS is named after our founder’s home in Switzerland, with many of our designs inspired by the optical and crystalline qualities seen in the lakes and mountains in this region. It was first incorporated in Hong Kong with a vision of bringing together elements of the natural world into subtle yet eye-catching pieces.

Handcrafted in the United Arab Emirates

All our jewelry is handcrafted in Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park, using exclusively 18k solid gold to ensure your pieces can be worn worry-free from the risk of tarnish over time – we will never produce items with gold-plating, vermeil or other materials susceptible to oxidation. 

After discovering lab diamonds, we knew this was the way forward to produce beautiful lasting jewelry to the same quality and durability as traditional diamond jewels with a fraction of the carbon footprint and at more accessible prices - truly the best of both worlds. We have since set on a path to pave the way for increased awareness and adoption of lab diamonds. Our high caliber lab diamonds are sourced from transparent suppliers and handpicked for optimized color and clarity for your pieces.

Learn more about the benefits and differences (or lack thereof!) of lab diamonds here.