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Are lab-created diamonds good for engagement rings?

Engagement rings are nothing but personal. A number of people prefer natural diamonds for special occasions for the prestige that has come to be associated with them in the past through De Beers’ marketing campaigns. However, as the marvels of technology & crystallography advance, lab diamonds are only getting more beautiful, more flawless, and more varied – so, are you considering a lab diamond for an engagement ring?

If we take a pragmatic lens, there are 2 aspects to consider –

1. an engagement ring as a unique and beautiful gift to hallmark a special occasion, vs.
2. the investment value behind the rock held in it

Rough lab diamonds

Seriously, #2 seems to come under question quite often - are we talking about a love story or a stock purchase? While the diamond market has been relatively stable over the years, it’s increasingly coming to light that no diamond is an investment – unless you’re talking unique fancy-color gems with historical significance – their supply is just not that scarce, natural or man-made. This all became very real in July 2023 when De Beers slashed natural diamond prices by 40%* in the 2-4 (rough) carat category. So much for investment pieces.

*Bloomberg, September 3, 2023

So what about #1, giving your significant other a meaningful gift to commemorate your milestone together? Consumers are becoming increasingly money-savvy, and whilst buying any gem of considerable size/clarify is never cheap, a lab-grown diamond gives you much more bang for your buck. Spend the extra dollars on design, or upgrading your stone in size, clarity, cut vs. using the same budget for a much smaller and less radiant natural stone. If your priority is to enjoy the ring, think personally what will matter more – the origin of the stone (which only experienced gemologists can tell), or how the ring looks & feels on a daily basis. To each their own, of course. If you go lab, maybe even throw a second stone on it with your leftover budget (toi & moi rings anyone?). Just an idea.

*Emily Ratajkowski’s toi et moi engagement ring via @emrata

Finally if you’re worried about “uniqueness”, here’s a not-so-secret: lab diamonds are not exactly made in one big factory line – each one is grown from a tiny diamond seed, from which the crystal pattern grows. It comes out with its own unique growth pattern and flaws – which is why it’s important to make sure you pick a high quality one. This brings us to the next point:


Just with any precious gem purchase – make sure your diamond is certified, no matter where it came from! Lab diamonds are appraised using exactly the same process and criteria as their mined counterparts. And if you get insurance (you should) – its worth re-appraising your piece every now and again, to make sure you’re not overpaying your premiums.

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